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The Best WordPress Coding Plugins

The official WordPress plugins repository has over 56,000 plugins, which means finding the best WordPress plugins for adding a functionality to your website needs a lot of time. This is where we come in!

The Best WordPress Coding Plugins: Free and Paid

Most WordPress themes come with a custom CSS option that allows you to customize your theme through your own custom codes. However, if your theme doesn’t have such an option, you can use WordPress coding plugins to add custom CSS to your theme.

syntaxhighlighter evolved wordpress plugin

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved allows you to embed source code in a post or page while highlighting its syntax with colors, which not only makes it much more pleasant and easy to read but also very aesthetic.

  • Simple and lightweight
  • Easy to highlight the code
  • Show line numbers
  • Shortcode parameters
  • Collapse code boxes
woody ad snippets wordpress plugin

Woody Ad Snippets

If you want to insert ads in certain areas of our website and don’t know how to do it, then check out Woody Ad Snippets. It is a simple plugin that will allow you to insert small PHP codes anywhere on your website.

  • Header footer code manager
  • Show or hide code snippets
  • Insert GA tracking code
  • Conditional logic support
  • Reusable templates
code snippets wordpress plugin

Code Snippets

As the name suggests, Code Snippets allows you to create and add snippets to your WordPress functions.php file. It also offers several useful features such as a code editor, tags, snippet export option, and many more,

  • Simple graphical interface
  • Add custom snippets
  • Import/export snippets
  • Tags for categorization
  • Snippet editor included
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