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The Best WordPress Database Plugins

The official WordPress plugins repository has over 56,000 plugins, which means finding the best WordPress plugins for adding a functionality to your website needs a lot of time. This is where we come in!

The Best WordPress Database Plugins: Free and Paid

Have you noticed that your website’s performance has dropped compared to a few months ago and you don't know how to make it perform as before? Well, maybe the problem is in the database which is full of useless stuff that you can delete. All you need to install a WordPress database plugin to optimize your website’s performance.

wp reset database plugin

WP Reset

WP Reset - Most Advanced Reset Tool is a great plugin to quickly reset your site’s database to default installation without modifying any files. The theme provides one-click restore as well, so it’s entirely safe to use in case you want to go back to default settings on your site.

  • WP-CLI support
  • Database snapshots
  • Multi-site support
  • Partial reset tools
  • Delete .htaccess files
wp database reset wordpress plugin

WP Database Reset

As the name suggests, WP Database Reset allows you to reset the WordPress database to return it to its newly installed state. What can this be useful for? Well, if you want to restart a test installation to its basic state without having to reinstall everything.

  • One-click process to reset
  • Secure and simple to use
  • Reset specific tables
  • Clean unnecessary content
  • Reset plugins and themes
wp dbmanager wordpress plugin


WP-DBManager is a classic among WordPress plugins, offers everything necessary to keep the database always in perfect condition. It's really useful and powerful with an unusual feature; you can run your own query in SQL.

  • Backup/restore database
  • Run selected queries
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Delete backup database
  • optimize/repair database
wp optimize wordpress plugin


With nearly a million installations, WP-Optimize is one of the most popular plugins dedicated to cleaning and optimizing WordPress databases. It removes unnecessary data from your database including comments you no longer need, pingbacks, trackbacks, etc.

  • Show database statistics
  • Delete all unnecessary data
  • Automatic weekly cleanings
  • Optimize MySQL tables
  • Perform optimization options
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