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The Best WordPress Migration Plugins

Confused between too many migration plugins? Choose from our list of top WordPress migration plugins to make things easy for yourself!

The Best WordPress Migration Plugins: Free and Paid

Moving your existing site to a new host can be tough and it can be risky too since a minor mistake can cause a loss of valuable data. WordPress migration plugins are there to make this task easier and risk free by automating the process. Just install a migration plugin and let it do the job for you.

wpbackup wordpress plugin


If you want to keep yourself from hackers, malware, or even mistakes that we end up making sometimes, WPBackItUp is the plugin you need. This plugin can even generate a compressed backup of your website, no matter the size of your website.

  • One-click backup
  • Unlimited backups
  • Customize your backups
  • Compressed backups
  • Professional support
backup guard wordpress plugin

Backup Guard

Backup Guard WordPress plugin is yet another plugin that offers a complete WordPress backup solution. It gives you an easy way to backup your complete website, restores it when you want to, and even migrate your site to another host when you need to change your hosting solution.

  • Download backups
  • Import backups
  • Multisite WordPress network
  • Live progress
  • Upload to Dropbox
product import export plugin

Product Import Export Plugin

Product Import Export is a popular plugin to easily import, export, and update hundreds and thousands of WooCommerce products using a CSV/XML file. It has many powerful filters that let you selectively migrate your store’s products from one site to another. Automatic migration is supported as well.

  • Import and export all product types
  • Supports both CSV and XML formats
  • Filters for custom import/export
  • Export and import product reviews and ratings
  • Compatibility with popular third-party plugins
migrate guru wordpress plugin

Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru: Migrate and Clone WordPress is one of the fastest ways to migrate a WordPress site. Even if you have multi-sites or big data with 200GB or more, this plugin makes the process super simple using intelligent processes on its own server with zero risks to your website.

  • True one-click migration
  • No overload on website
  • Built for large sites
  • No add-ons
  • Timely alerts
backupbuddy wordpress plugin


Creating a backup of your WordPress site is essential for times when things go wrong. BackupBuddy is one of the finest plugins for the job through which you backup your site, protect your online work, and restore it in a few steps without any hiccups.

  • Complete WordPress website backup
  • Scheduled, automatic backups
  • Store WordPress backups offsite
  • Customize backup contents
  • Restore backups with ImportBuddy
wp migrate db WordPress plugin

WP Migrate DB

With WP Migrate DB, you can create a copy of your database and download it as a .sql file. Later, you can easily import into the new site through a database administration tool such as phpMyAdmin.

  • Find and replace the data
  • Compress files with GZIP
  • Advanced export options
  • Multiple add-ons available
  • Set maximum request size
all in one wp migration WordPress plugin

All-in-One WP Migration

If you need to migrate your WordPress website to another server or clone what you have in production to do tests in a secure test environment, this is where All-in-One WP Migration comes in handy.

  • Support multiple services
  • Set maximum upload file size
  • PHP extensions not required
  • Support for MySQL and MySQLi
  • Comprehensive documentation
duplicator WordPress plugin


Migrating your WordPress website from one service provider to another can be a complicated task. With the Duplicator plugin, you can create and install a clone of your WordPress on another hosting in a matter of minutes.

  • Move, migrate or clone
  • Duplicate a live site
  • Smooth migration process
  • Create WordPress backups
  • Cloud storage support
updraftplus WordPress backup plugin


UpdraftPlus is certainly one of the most popular WordPress plugins to save backups and restore them later. In many cases, this plugin offers everything you need to save the database and files of your WordPress website, but then leave it to you to restore everything.

  • Create and save backup
  • Retrieve saved version
  • Clone/migrate WordPress
  • Schedule for backup
  • Backup import system
vaultpress WordPress plugin


Vaultpress helps create automatic backups for your WordPress website automatically. It also helps you scan your website and detect malicious files or possible threats with just a few clicks. It also has a paid version so that you have access to many more functions.

  • 1-click restore/migrationv
  • Real-time backups
  • 30-day backup archive
  • Download any Backup
  • Detect/eliminate malware
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