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Exclusive Cloudways Promo Code for New Customers
Get a Whopping 30% Off for 3 Months!

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Guarantee your discounts before time runs out!
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Coupon Code

The coupon will be sent to the email address you provide. The discount will appear in the first invoice you receive of the exceeding month.

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Terms & Conditions

You are eligible for receiving our services under the laws of the Republic of Malta

  • This offer is only valid for new customers.
  • Each claimant is entitled to ONE coupon only.
  • Each coupon is eligible for a single-use, non-transferable, and valid for a limited period.
  • You must sign up with the promo code and upgrade your account to avail of this offer.
  • This offer cannot be used with any other existing Cloudways offer.
  • You will receive an email with the coupon code in your inbox.

Claim your hosting discount today!

The coupon will be emailed to the email address you provide. The discount will appear in the first invoice of the exceeding month.

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hosting promo

Hosting Websites on Cloud Made Simple for Everyone

Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, you get to focus on your operations and revenue with our simple managed web hosting solution!

app individual

Hosting for Individuals

Our WordPress web hosting arms the self-employed & freelancers with everything they need, from server to website launch.

app ecommerce

Hosting for Ecommerce

Designed for ecommerce stores that need a powerful and feature-rich web hosting platform, with built-in scalability for growth.

app agencies

Hosting for Agencies

From monitoring to cloning websites, our managed WordPress hosting is built to complement your agency’s workflows.


Hosting for SMBs

No technical skills? No worries. Host your small or midsize business WordPress websites without any hosting technicalities.

Experience Best Managed Cloud Hosting Recipe

Our features focus on all the necessary aspects of managed cloud hosting.

24/7 support

24/7 Support

Our support team is active and working even during the holiday season. Type your query and we’ll help you out.

pay as you go

Renowned IaaS Providers

Renowned providers including GCE, AWS, Linode, Vultr and DigitalOcean with 60+ data centers around the globe.

free migration

1-Click SSL Installation

Free SSL hosting on Cloudways for improved security with a reliable certificate that fulfills HTTPS requirements for free.

free ssl

Automated Backups

You can take backups on demand or set automatic backups with the frequency of your choice (hourly to weekly).

no lockin

Dedicated Security

Some of the security measures we employ are robust firewalls, regular OS patches, auto-healing servers and TFA.

unlimited application

SSH and SFTP Access

Access servers and update files securely. Your team members can also have their individual SFTP credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will send the Cloudways web hosting coupon code and the accompanying information to the submitted email address.

Once you upgrade the account to Full, the discount would be applied to the next invoice(s).

While the offer is not live yet, you can still sign up for the offer by providing your email address. As soon as the offer goes live, the offer will be applied to your account.

Yes, you can sign up now even before the offer goes live. We will apply the discount in the next upcoming invoice.

This offer is applicable to all users who submit their email address, sign up for a NEW Cloudways account and then upgrade it to Full.